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The group is exclusive to your particular business/skill, for example, if you are a financial
advisor and you were a member of the group, no other financial advisors can join!

See below to find out who our current members are.



We are always looking for new ladies to join Ladies That Do [Ltd.]. If you are interested in coming along to a meeting or simply joining, please contact us and we will provide further details. I can guarantee you will not regret joining this amazing group.

We are very keen to be an extra support for our members. We help you through the bad times and celebrate with you through the good times!

Along with the meetings, we have a Website, public Facebook page and a private members only group. We are also present on Twitter and Instagram.

You can see below who our members are, click on the image to see what they do. 

Only one member

Whilst we encourage healthy competition in business, we only have one member for each type of business.

Lots of variety

This means the group has a substantial variety of members to call upon for each and every requirement.

Waiting list

If you can see your business area is already filled, please put your name on the waiting list, as there is a first come first serve basis.